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Azula, Ty Lee and Mai all made their way to the meet where they made contact with the three kidnappers. He sat in the bed. Sokka now covered his penis with his hand. Aang, Katara, Sokka and Momo made their way through the sewer system of Omashu. You see, it is important for you to learn how to grab it.

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He unclasped his fire nation belt, pulled down his pants and underwear, pulled Ty Lee's orgasm stricken body across the table until her head was hanging precariously off the end of the table, and started to work his rock hard cock into her tiny mouth.

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The sudden and savage cock slamming Azula had received jolted her into a massive orgasm, which was the largest of her life. Deciding that her current attempts at interrogation were not working on the old man, she decided to take a more direct approach. Why was he so excited about watching Sokka naked? To her bewilderment, over a hundred of the Omashu refugees encircled the tent watching intently as Katara came out into the open. The circus was a great way to meet new people and she had no problem in getting her fair share of attention.

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