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There are some fantasies that we like to keep as fantasies and would never, ever want to actually do in real life. Masturbation in the presence of other people should not be allowed redirect to private place and gently explain it is not to be shared. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Talk to your daughter, even at this early age, and make her feel comfortable talking to you. I would question if you really had an orgasm from doing it anally unless you also had clitorial stimulation.

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My kids know to knock when my door is closed.

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I don't agree that a child of that age does not "masterbate" or that there is no such thing. While I think it's may be showing that she's comfortable about this and feels safe with you, I can also see it as showing a bit of disrespect to not stop when someone else entered the room. I'm going to try to find something helpful for you. No they do not investigate, they already saw you doing it and trying to practice it. We are unable to form firm memories before the age of 5. I don't want to scare you or anything but you just never know. And then I got a bumble ball for Christmas.

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