Images of lsm models

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Conventional WEM shows uneven illumination throughout both the sedimentary and sub-salt areas, including shadow zones related to the complex salt morphology. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. In contrast, LSM improves the illumination by balancing the image amplitudes and reducing the effects of the shadow zones B in the figure. The improved subsurface image is created by combining the PSFs and the migrated images using a multi-dimensional deconvolution process. The inversion converges when the simulated data matches the recorded data within specified criteria. The difference between the predicted and observed data is then migrated to update the image m.

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New PGS least-squares solutions are emerging that compensate for wavefield distortions and dramatically improve the imaging and the interpretation of complex structures.

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least-squares solutions for better subsurface images | PGS

Key Benefits Corrects for wavefield distortions caused by acquisition and propagation effects Improves amplitude fidelity and spatial resolution in the most complex geological settings Removes shadow zones below salt and footprint effects Improves wavenumber content and the imaging of steep geological contacts and faults at all depths Dramatically improves interpretation of subtle stratigraphic features Despite recent advances in seismic acquisition technology, deghosting, and advanced imaging algorithms, seismic modeling and migration operators still typically produce a blurred representation of the earth reflectivity, with limited resolution and wavenumber content. The resultant images have better amplitude fidelity and resolution as they a re corrected for the wavefield distortions caused by acquisition and propagation effects. In principle, the two methods should yield equivalent results if the matrices are well-posed and the velocity models are perfect, but in the real world there are various factors to consider. The bottom figures show a close-up view of the space-Fourier pairs computed at one of the faults. A close-up view of the space-Fourier pairs at one of the faults figure below, bottom left and right shows the improvement in spatial resolution. The principal approaches that can be employed to invert for earth reflectivity from seismic images are both based on least-squares formulations of the imaging problem. Overall, the inversion shows more balanced amplitudes than the migration, and spectacular improvements are observed in spatial resolution at all depths considered.

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images of lsm models
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images of lsm models
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