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Lemon fic containing the carnal 'hobbies' of princesses, princes and villains. They were circled around a girl like a clan of hungry hyenas and pushing her around. She turned her aqua eyes away from the scene and focused on her sandal-covered feet while allowing her mind to wander to the future. Nobody asked her to butt into my business, after all. Bonnie and Kim are trying to build a relationship during their junior year of high school. Bonnie ends up saving her along the way. She looks down at his cock, which is small but rock solid and throbbing and squats over it, taking a brief moment to insert it into her wet pussy, then begins to ride Ron roughly.

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Twelve-year-old Bonnie walked down the streets of Middleton, heading to a nearby park.

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She did not want Kim to like her like that. She had eight dollars and some change in her pocket now after breaking her ten on her ice cream. They had to know more than she did, right? Kim then started to explain there next game, "OK, now I'll spin the vibrator and whoever it lands on I get to remove a piece of clothing from, then it's that person's turn, got it? I'm going to meet my friend at the playground," Kim explained.

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