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The Briefing New Zealand. In tillage they excell, as people who are themselves to eat the fruit of their industry and have little else to do but to cultivate nescessarily must. For most clothing purposes the new settlers adapted their existing technologies to semi-familiar plants with leaves that could be used in the same ways as tropical palms. They took many extra pairs and made more on their way using available materials. This we calld the War song, for tho they seemd fond of using it upon all occasions whether in war or peace they I beleive never omit it in their attacks. It is also recorded that huia tail feathers were used in ancient times to make a special kind of war headdress, the feathered marereko. Bailey in Gentes Herbarum 3:

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In the 19th century they were more frequently worn by widows.

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Māori clothing and adornment – kākahu Māori

Both sexes were much more modest in their carriage and decent in their Conversation than the Islanders, which such of our people who had a mind to form any connexions with the Women soon found, but they were not impregnable: On the Southern and western sides it is the most barren, the Sea being there generaly bounded with either steep hills or vast tracts of Sand, which probably is the reason why the people in these parts were so much less numerous, and livd almost intirely upon fish. ATL, Bayly's Journal, pp. When Kahuki found an old man with his hair plaited in eight strands and arranged on a type of supplejack frame on his head, he knew he had found his great-uncle. Pauku or pukupuku literally swelling, inflammation cloaks were woven with compact rows of whatu patahi single-pair weft twining creating a dense fabric. Pregnant Maori women are not receiving the support they need to stop smoking, a new study suggests. If the leader of a group was well dressed, it reflected on all members.

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