How to give a girl a clitoral orgasm

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Connecting you with the best love and sex advice for a healthy relationship! G Spot Sex Positions 8. There are 3 different clitoral stimulation techniques that you can use here:. Becau se of its sensitivity, direct stimulation can be uncomfortable to your woman, especially with your fingers; therefore, your first clitoral stimulation should be around the clit over the clitoral hood to get the clitoris warmed up and ready for more direct stimulation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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How To Give Her A Clitoral Orgasm 101

What you do not want to do i press harder. After a while I can start stimulating her clit again, since most women are oversensitive for a short time only. If you use your tongue, she will gently push your head away. I love all of this I have done most of this all ready just has teach me do do this better… I love getting very wet I cum a lot I have sex me time or whatever it maybe I could do sex or me time all day. Sometimes i manage to make my girl cum 3 times in a row less than 5 minutes. And there are three different tools you can use: If grasping the clitoral shaft with your fingers is not being easy for you to do, you can use your fingertips or knuckles and instead of pumping the shaft you can turn it side to side like a key in a lock.

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how to give a girl a clitoral orgasm
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how to give a girl a clitoral orgasm
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